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Do More with your Sales Tech Stack

June 21, 2023 Sales Feed Season 1 Episode 19
The Sales Feed Show
Do More with your Sales Tech Stack
Show Notes

There’s a tech tool for everything from prospecting to deal management and beyond. But in a declining economy, sales leaders have had to make drastic cuts to sales tech stacks, asking sellers to do more with less. 

On this episode of The Sales Feed Show, we’re joined by our friends from Sales Hacker, Marciela Ross (Head of Content) and Colin Campbell (Head of Community) to discuss their latest State of the Sales Tech Stack Report. We’ll take a deep dive into their findings, including which products have a correlation with success, and what new sales tech categories might be on the horizon.

PLUS we play a game of The Price is Right (Tech Stack Edition), where Marciela and Colin have to guess the price of some common tech tools. 

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