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Increase your speed to lead with better tech tools with Laxman Papineni

March 15, 2023 Sales Feed Season 1 Episode 13
The Sales Feed Show
Increase your speed to lead with better tech tools with Laxman Papineni
Show Notes

Just as we felt like we were finding our groove, the sales game done changed. 

Shifting market conditions, an explosion of new technology, and all of sudden not only do sellers have a whole lot more on their plate, but buyers have a whole different baseline for decision-making.

Our guest, Laxman Papineni, believes the “R” word, in reference to market conditions, doesn’t have to be scary with the help of technology to do the heavy lifting. The more sellers can adapt accordingly, the better we can filter the buying signals through all the noise.

In this episode, we talk with Laxman about tech, selling in the trenches, and play a game of Bot or Not, to see if Raj and Laxman can spot the difference between emails written by humans, and emails written by ChatGPT.

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