The Sales Feed Show

What your buyers really need from you with Aaron Evans

December 14, 2022 Sales Feed Season 1 Episode 7
The Sales Feed Show
What your buyers really need from you with Aaron Evans
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Episode summary

What’s more important than selling your product? It just might be helping your buyers buy.

Today’s buyers are often overwhelmed by information overload, decision complexity, and implementation uncertainty. It all leads to a lack of confidence in their own ability to make the right decision, and to realize the value being promised by the seller. This in turn, leads to the dreaded status quo ‘no decision.’

But what if, instead of focusing so much on closing the deal, sellers focused more on helping their buyers buy with confidence. 

Could it result in higher win rates? Bigger deals? Happier customers?

Find out on this week’s episode of The Sales Feed Show as we dive deep into customer confidence, and challenge Aaron Evans to a game of “Gong with the Wind.”

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