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Creating top-down purchase influence with Andrew Davis

November 30, 2022 Sales Feed Season 1 Episode 6
The Sales Feed Show
Creating top-down purchase influence with Andrew Davis
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Wouldn’t it be easier to close a deal if your prospect’s boss (or better yet, their CEO) was breathing down their neck, insisting they need to buy a solution like yours right NOW?

This may sound like a fantasy script optioned by Hulu for an 8-episode mini series, but marketing legend Andrew Davis argues that it is possible for elite sellers to create this type of internal demand to buy, and buy now.

In fact, he believes that by answering Rarely Asked Questions (RAQs) coming from the top of the Influencer Pyramid, you can create top-down pressure to buy what you’re selling.

But what the heck is a Rarely Asked Question? And will we win a boatload of cash on The $100,000 Influence Pyramid? There’s only one way to find out…

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