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Trigger templates for smarter prospecting with Bryan Mulry

November 02, 2022 Sales Feed Season 1 Episode 3
The Sales Feed Show
Trigger templates for smarter prospecting with Bryan Mulry
Show Notes

Episode summary

Trigger Templates are a brilliant way to construct your outbound prospecting messages. 

By focusing on the key pains of your prospects, they help you craft a more impactful message.

But more importantly, by tying them to discrete ‘urgency drivers,’ they help you target those prospects that are most likely to take action, with a message that is truly relevant and timely.

This is an approach that Bryan Mulry lives and breathes every day as a Sales Development Rep at Salesloft. He not only believes that trigger templates generate the most responses, but he has the data to prove it. 

Find out how to pull the trigger on your own great cold emails, and whether or not Raj can write a better trigger template than Bryan on this episode of The Sales Feed Show.

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