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Stop discounting, start trading with Todd Caponi

October 19, 2022 Todd Caponi Season 1 Episode 1
The Sales Feed Show
Stop discounting, start trading with Todd Caponi
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Episode summary

In sales, you should never discount without getting something in return.

This is a topic that Todd Caponi speaks passionately about under what he calls Transparent Negotiations. Todd believes that playing the “go in with a high to barter down to your actual price” move is dishonest, that modeling negotiations off FBI hostage scenarios is unrealistic, and lowering your price just because they asked is the best way to start a bad relationship.

He believes the negotiation process should be an even trade, but what you trade for has a significant impact on your next sale.

Find out why you should make trades, not discounts, and what makes a good trade, on the first-ever episode of The Sales Feed Show.

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